2,639 players banned. 18,961 tempbans. 100,763 kicks.

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Player name Player GUID Reason Ban type Ban date Kicker name
AG Iran, Islamic Republic of x17 70124aeb Votekick passed (WH) Kick 3:34 pm Server
Pat Solitano Italy 1.7x_C4S faf240eb english (Score: 30) Kick 3:05 pm Yooden Vrox
Pat Solitano Italy 1.7x_C4S faf240eb solitano english and show respect (S ... Kick 2:35 pm Yooden Vrox
xdanxx Russian Federation x17 663d6510 Your message contained a forbidden w ... Kick 12:01 pm Server
TW#Accident France 1.7x_C4S 397571c0 RWB(rwb) TempBanned: 498557.11666667 ... Kick 11:07 am Server
NAVI-S1mple Pakistan x17 31280e8c Aimbot Ban 11:00 am 2nd ShishkinDen
Umair98 Pakistan x17 a881badb RWB(Cheater) Kick 10:39 am Server
BASSEL Egypt x17 cd3d2ed2 RWB(Cheater) Kick 10:15 am Server
Opilla7 Hungary 1.7x_C4S f6027aa2 Wallhack IP ban 9:51 am L U C 1 D 3 !
Shuichi Iran, Islamic Republic of x17 8f8427a0 RWB(Cheater) Kick 9:43 am Server