2,216 players banned. 23,292 tempbans. 160,765 kicks.

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Player name Player GUID Reason Ban type Ban date Kicker name
Ginger Hunter United Kingdom x17 7d364990 annoying Kick Yesterday, 11:25 pm Anomaly
Reza oghluu Iran, Islamic Republic of x17 f8e4848f Cheater Ban Last Sat, 1:20 am Anomaly [ACP]
FAVORIT Russian Federation x17 ca02fab6 Cheater Ban Last Fri, 9:28 pm Anomaly [ACP]
gamer girl cum Chile x17 0c7b825e Cheater Ban Last Fri, 9:20 pm Anomaly [ACP]
Drillings United Kingdom x17 f3490c34 Cheater Ban Last Thu, 10:41 pm Anomaly [ACP]
Blood Egypt x17 be6c4362 Cheater Ban Last Thu, 10:38 pm Anomaly [ACP]
Necron42 Germany x17 6faee1ac annoying Tempban Last Thu, 5:57 pm Anomaly
berry Russian Federation x17 b712ec55 Cheater Ban Last Wed, 11:27 pm Anomaly [ACP]
kamii Germany x17 4b0f77cd Cheater Ban Last Wed, 1:25 am Anomaly [ACP]
AlexSourS18CS.MONEY Ukraine x17 8f6fb6d4 Cheater Ban Last Wed, 1:23 am Anomaly [ACP]