2,216 players banned. 23,292 tempbans. 160,765 kicks.

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Player name Player GUID Reason Ban type Ban date Kicker name
at7F United Kingdom x17 982d6b8e aimbot Ban Yesterday, 8:47 pm alex [ACP]
[M]Sin Duhply United States x17 f498a153 racist Tempban [ACP] Yesterday, 11:18 am alex [ACP]
montana Russian Federation x17 f6942506 Aimbot IP ban Last Sun, 5:38 pm alex
[M]Abrupt United States 1.7x_C4S f531cc9c dont come again Ban Last Thu, 11:12 pm alex [ACP]
ENJOY DESIGNZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ France x17 247262ed learn to talk Kick Tue, 2 weeks ago alex
rxge iN France x17 75e6f4a8 funny guy Kick Sun, 2 weeks ago alex
Po5t3n1 Bosnia and Herzegovina x17 52c75ad6 Show some respect! Kick Sun, 2 weeks ago alex
AMD Russian Federation x17 9483b716 Cheater Ban Sun, 2 weeks ago alex [ACP]
XINSTANTHOOK1.3 Poland x17 7692b86e Aimbot IP ban Sat, 2 weeks ago alex
Rchopper Spain x17 6b957c6a wallhack Ban Fri, 2 weeks ago alex [ACP]