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Player name Player GUID Reason Ban type Ban date Kicker name
samandar Uzbekistan 1.8 ef26c70f Cheater Ban Yesterday, 5:48 pm Stephen [ACP]
Boss United States 1.8 e758a9d6 Cheater Ban Yesterday, 5:40 pm Stephen [ACP]
[A-T]!#4KGAMING Unknown 1.8 29a38a9f Cheater Ban Yesterday, 5:39 pm Stephen [ACP]
shadow Chile 1.8 aaa45745 Cheater Ban Yesterday, 5:30 pm Stephen [ACP]
[CE]DeAThStRiKer China 1.8 ab7a08ea Cheater Ban Yesterday, 5:24 pm Stephen [ACP]
sowild Bosnia and Herzegovina 1.8 54225a9e Cheater Ban Last Sun, 10:02 am Stephen [ACP]
Klasic<3 Croatia 1.8 0d1f880a Cheater Ban Last Sat, 8:22 pm Stephen [ACP]
Br0k3n|D1rt Slovenia 1.8 ed88a955 Cheater Ban Last Sat, 4:27 pm Stephen [ACP]
DarkXSid Russian Federation 1.8 557849f3 Cheater Ban Last Sat, 4:26 pm Stephen [ACP]
Navar Italy 1.8 13a4fc50 Cheater Ban Fri, 2 weeks ago Stephen [ACP]