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Player name Player GUID Reason Ban type Ban date Kicker name
[V]werzbr0 United Kingdom x17 5e72ef44 respect Kick Last Thu, 1:45 am tone [ACP]
roxon Germany x17 95935fb9 pls dont come back IP ban Last Thu, 1:12 am tone
roxon United States x17 95935fb9 3 sec of vidoe was all it took IP ban Last Thu, 1:11 am tone
Cole United States x17 fbb3154b Aimbot IP ban Last Tue, 2:22 am tone
Godz - rolex Germany x17 7ca3e271 your clan friend hacks, this is to w ... Tempban [ACP] Sun, 3 weeks ago tone [ACP]
Godz - fonya Germany 1.8 554bc9db AIMASSIST AND OTHER HACKS IP ban Sun, 3 weeks ago tone
twat- don't insult people then Germany x17 a8791324 have a bit more respect for people w ... Tempban [ACP] Fri, 3 weeks ago tone [ACP]
TOHYC Russian Federation x17 c9ae93b8 seriously, try and chill out and enj ... Kick Thu, 3 weeks ago tone
Shugs United States x17 8f193371 wh no smoke IP ban Wed, 3 weeks ago tone
Evil_Hanz United States x17 906aa494 u are no loss:) Kick Wed, 3 weeks ago tone