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Group Player name IP GUID
Player Manduken Unknown 127.0.x.x 6cc97179 1.7x_C4S
Player ALIENS Russian Federation 3c1f01ac 1.7x_C4S
Player Termin4t0r Romania a707c7ee 1.7x_C4S
Player MaisKolben Germany 9d36cb38 1.7x_C4S
Player Mark United States 06c45d1c 1.7x_C4S
Player Lampard Russian Federation e5d1f8a7 1.7x_C4S
Player ghost Unknown 127.0.x.x f6966c79 1.7x_C4S
Player DMBeS Russian Federation d5643bc3 1.7x_C4S
Player Pan Borsuk Poland 91.217.xx.xx 586a033b 1.7x_C4S
Player HugoPLs France e9d84a77 1.7x_C4S