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Group Player name IP GUID
Player [R]enxzon<3 Singapore 175.156.xx.xx 0e3d521b 1.7x_C4S
Player ***60*** Kyrgyzstan 1e31a97d 1.7x_C4S
Player CID_7 Russian Federation 91.207.xx.xx 9bd7d7aa 1.7x_C4S
Player valimokarju Finland 173ee835 1.7x_C4S
Player Denchik Russian Federation 2cdc27a8 1.7x_C4S
Player ROMA Russian Federation 33556237 1.7x_C4S
Player boxxy Russian Federation c7fa2fc7 1.7x_C4S
Player BIGORNIA Argentina e07f7a66 1.7x_C4S
Player TheLastSamurai Turkey 3360ec2f 1.7x_C4S
Player Dom1naToR Ukraine 72d4a1fb 1.7x_C4S