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Group Player name IP GUID
Player Gamingarena4 Croatia 195.29.xx.xx 6129f5ff 1.7x_C4S
Player zanyar Iran, Islamic Republic of 31.59.xx.xx eff5e4ff 1.8
Player Tsimbaland Belarus 46c5f224 1.7x_C4S
Player Bekkobang Germany c38b43cd 1.8
Player zsozso Hungary 5b7c8719 1.7x_C4S
Player SHIRWAN kurdi Unknown f97908bb 1.7x_C4S
Player FrozenBannan Czech Republic 1e731996 1.7x_C4S
Player jjj Argentina 72fcc93e 1.7x_C4S
Player eiden India ecf1fcb4 1.7x_C4S
Player BEKEN Russian Federation 42bc432d 1.7x_C4S