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Group Player name IP GUID
Player A-Fighter Iraq 8298b6f9 1.7x_C4S
Player masacru Romania 188.26.xx.xx a27ddcff 1.7x_C4S
Player Cadesters United States 864d9784 1.7x_C4S
Player TomCruise United States 37bdcbf9 1.7x_C4S
Player Clusker United Kingdom 556432df 1.7x_C4S
Player BurgerPaul Poland 3e46a3ea 1.7x_C4S
Player MoneyMike United States da08f649 1.7x_C4S
Player oIIToM Russian Federation 46.41.xx.x 9e4ef377 1.7x_C4S
Player Keenan_Arche United Kingdom 23c47cb3 1.7x_C4S
Player AchRaF KaDi Morocco 41.143.xx.xx a5dba42d 1.7x_C4S