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Overview Anomaly


  • Skills
  • League Position --
  • Kills302,908
  • Deaths128,899
  • K/D2.35
  • Headshots34,096 , Ratio : 11.26 %
  • Onlinetime62,712 mins
  • Logins1,258
  • Last connectionLast Tue, 8:08 pm
  • First connectionMay, 2017


Key user

The profile of Anomaly is related to 3 other profiles.

  • Netherlands Anomaly
    Last Wed, 8:21 pm
    Player information
    • IP:
    • Country: Netherlands
    • GUID: f6b516a5 1.8
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  • Netherlands Anomaly
    Sep, 2018
    Player information
    • IP:
    • Country: Netherlands
    • GUID: 90ce59f7 1.8
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  • Netherlands gum.An0maly
    Feb, 2016
    Player information
    • IP:
    • Country: Netherlands
    • GUID: 30eaa5cd 1.7x_C4S
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Aliases Anomaly

Anomaly used 3 different names.


Server footprint Anomaly


Anomaly executed 701 penalties.

Player name Player GUID Reason Ban type Ban date Kicker name
://// Netherlands 1.7x_C4S 4bf8c954 vpn IP ban 2:41 pm Anomaly [ACP]
[Insert Name] France 1.8 75376a69 toxic Tempban [ACP] Yesterday, 10:47 pm Anomaly [ACP]
hiraishin Unknown 1.7x_C4S a171b306 vpn IP ban Last Tue, 3:21 pm Anomaly [ACP]
Aththanayaka Sri Lanka 1.7x_C4S 7b71cdda aim d0112 IP ban Last Tue, 3:06 pm Anomaly
WILDS United States 1.7x_C4S 871e80b2 Ping Kick Last Mon, 8:16 pm Anomaly
caca prout Ukraine 1.7x_C4S e61f82e9 vpn IP ban Last Mon, 5:35 pm Anomaly [ACP]
12stone Romania 1.7x_C4S 0fcccdd2 vpn IP ban Last Mon, 5:23 pm Anomaly [ACP]
:ccc Latvia 1.7x_C4S 0e6243d7 vpn IP ban Last Sat, 9:57 pm Anomaly [ACP]
Valttu Finland 1.7x_C4S 881a53a6 English only please. Kick Fri, 2 weeks ago Anomaly
immortal United Kingdom 1.7x_C4S 302c882f silent aim (Cheater Report) Tempban [ACP] Wed, 2 weeks ago Anomaly [ACP]


Anomaly played with 2 different IPs.

  • 1
Player name IP Login date Server
Anomaly Netherlands 1:21 pm C4S TDM HighXP #1 | Cracked | BEST MAPS |
Anomaly Unknown 127.0.x.x Dec, 2018 C4S TDM HighXP #1 | Cracked | BEST MAPS |
  • 1

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