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Overview Anomaly


  • Skills
  • League Position --
  • Kills303,763
  • Deaths129,198
  • K/D2.35
  • Headshots34,224 , Ratio : 11.27 %
  • Onlinetime62,842 mins
  • Logins1,260
  • Last connectionApr, 2019
  • First connectionMay, 2017


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  • Netherlands Anomaly
    Yesterday, 12:38 am
    Player information
    • IP:
    • Country: Netherlands
    • GUID: d90bca7c x17
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  • Netherlands Anomaly
    Wed, 3 weeks ago
    Player information
    • IP:
    • Country: Netherlands
    • GUID: f6b516a5 x17
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  • Netherlands Anomaly
    Sep, 2018
    Player information
    • IP:
    • Country: Netherlands
    • GUID: 90ce59f7 1.8
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  • Netherlands gum.An0maly
    Feb, 2016
    Player information
    • IP:
    • Country: Netherlands
    • GUID: 30eaa5cd 1.7x_C4S
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Aliases Anomaly

Anomaly used 3 different names.


Server footprint Anomaly


Anomaly executed 759 penalties.

Player name Player GUID Reason Ban type Ban date Kicker name
Reza oghluu Iran, Islamic Republic of x17 f8e4848f Cheater Ban Last Sat, 1:20 am Anomaly [ACP]
FAVORIT Russian Federation x17 ca02fab6 Cheater Ban Last Fri, 9:28 pm Anomaly [ACP]
gamer girl cum Chile x17 0c7b825e Cheater Ban Last Fri, 9:20 pm Anomaly [ACP]
Drillings United Kingdom x17 f3490c34 Cheater Ban Last Thu, 10:41 pm Anomaly [ACP]
Blood Egypt x17 be6c4362 Cheater Ban Last Thu, 10:38 pm Anomaly [ACP]
Necron42 Germany x17 6faee1ac annoying Tempban Last Thu, 5:57 pm Anomaly
berry Russian Federation x17 b712ec55 Cheater Ban Last Wed, 11:27 pm Anomaly [ACP]
kamii Germany x17 4b0f77cd Cheater Ban Last Wed, 1:25 am Anomaly [ACP]
AlexSourS18CS.MONEY Ukraine x17 8f6fb6d4 Cheater Ban Last Wed, 1:23 am Anomaly [ACP]
guykfty Bosnia and Herzegovina x17 8ef137ae Cheater Ban Thu, 2 weeks ago Anomaly [ACP]


Anomaly played with 2 different IPs.

  • 1
Player name IP Login date Server
Anomaly Netherlands Apr, 2019 C4S TDM HardCore #1 HighXP | ALL MAPS | Cracked |
Anomaly Unknown 127.0.x.x Dec, 2018 C4S TDM HighXP #1 | Cracked |
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