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Player name Player GUID Reason By Report Date Closed Closed Date
Blatant Dick 725030ff Dick wh/aim 1723 Jan, 2017
Soma Ulte 0a5a545e ulte wh Pagan Jan, 2017
Stephen 5b1dd589 AIM Pagan Jan, 2017
Goooooooo b5ed9c78 aimbot ALLINTEL Jan, 2017
Doudou ba7af274 aimbot ALLINTEL Jan, 2017
Doudou ba7af274 aim WERH Jan, 2017
Keng00r Galee:* f3196936 roccat Ementaler Jan, 2017
Ali 838c202f wh $nipinB!tch3$ Jan, 2017
Hi....Bye 3c7e2f28 aimbot die please!!! Jan, 2017
Xerxes 35f0f313 SilentAimNoRecoil Sense<3 Jan, 2017