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Player name Player GUID Reason By Report Date Closed Closed Date
Crvz 73614fdc aim Michael Dec, 2016
XAXAmuro fb073633 wh C4RMOR4N Dec, 2016
XAXAmuro fb073633 wh Mysterion Dec, 2016
Hu1 9e71be71 wh Findel Dec, 2016
Monkey 6d6529f9 aimassist-aimbot Behdad Dec, 2016 Dec, 2016
Invisible 6a25dfaf wh Lord Dec, 2016 Dec, 2016
qqqqqq 46f74129 no recoil The Punisher Dec, 2016 Dec, 2016
PuTa_777RUS 40a035a6 wh {TN}<>TNT Dec, 2016
Findel 67a62534 for wh 2nd 2nd Quality Dec, 2016 Jan, 2017
/Glo/Por<Gun 50a15a0a wh {TN}<>TNT Dec, 2016