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5,953 players reported.

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Player name Player GUID Reason By Report Date Closed Closed Date
BRATISHKA 33aa3f77 wh sp00ky Oct, 2016 Oct, 2016
Struppi 20d8fb05 trapcamp RamboAti Oct, 2016 Oct, 2016
GoldFish dc74c7d2 reason wh The_Xerxes Oct, 2016 Oct, 2016
Fransjemansje dc3023d0 Autofire script [RIP]CPT.johan Oct, 2016 Oct, 2016
BenSopra cece18df reason wh The_Xerxes Oct, 2016
2nd Michael 5b9b9db5 Michael WH JackDaniels Oct, 2016
Themario 01a7fe08 reason wh The_Xerxes Oct, 2016
Matico55 92854942 wallhacking and aimboting VAC at bla ... Matico55 Oct, 2016
CID_20 87edb48c aim bot Bulgaria :D Oct, 2016
Vkci|Virus 5ba5ca97 Spam switchzR Oct, 2016