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Player name Player GUID Reason By Report Date Closed Closed Date
BenSopra cece18df reason wh The_Xerxes Oct, 2016
2nd Michael 5b9b9db5 Michael WH JackDaniels Oct, 2016
Themario 01a7fe08 reason wh The_Xerxes Oct, 2016
Matico55 92854942 wallhacking and aimboting VAC at bla ... Matico55 Oct, 2016
CID_20 87edb48c aim bot Bulgaria :D Oct, 2016
Vkci|Virus 5ba5ca97 Spam switchzR Oct, 2016
Cummins Power 50fa4384 power VIDU Oct, 2016
Tom [AB] 55f887c0 ab camp Bulgaria :D Oct, 2016 Oct, 2016
HADIS 4952f910 koncept YuSbot.exe Oct, 2016
RENFE 88c000cf toy Dysanyasboy Oct, 2016