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6,445 players reported.

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Player name Player GUID Reason By Report Date Closed Closed Date
KiLLeR e97cd7bc wh/no recoil FakeSystem Oct, 2016
Lobaczejro 55b3b743 reason wh The_Xerxes Oct, 2016
RFTG_witstome 4da8e3f3 spam ^0W!nT3rCr@zY Oct, 2016
slowdive df5a2004 wallhack VR 46 Oct, 2016
Milfschnitte 46eaaa9b reason ambit The_Xerxes Oct, 2016
Janda fbbdc043 reason wh The_Xerxes Oct, 2016
namaz na kruh, 31af92be na kruh wh SponeX Oct, 2016
yo mama 087e1e29 mama racism Frank Castle Oct, 2016
Janda fbbdc043 WH -187- Frost Oct, 2016
Mr.Ugly 83b3f60a spam ^5W!nT3rCr@zY Oct, 2016