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Player name Player GUID Reason By Report Date Closed Closed Date
P3rsia | -P3N- 1b4a4fa1 aim #hEiNE:] Sep, 2019
Tz Lotus b870a47f hax Stryda:D Sep, 2019
Stryda:D 0b04404e hacks aimbot walhacks zwilling Aug, 2019
#hEiNE:]@lags 0b04404e aimbot.exe with sniper [GRaf]imad Sep, 2018
BlackEvil420 fff561c4 wh #hEiNE:]@lags Sep, 2018
#hEiNE:]@lags 0b04404e wallhacks and aimbot gotnohandles Sep, 2018
MR.Sniper 8d1c471c wh hasta la pasta Aug, 2018
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