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Player name Player GUID Reason By Report Date Closed Closed Date
equa 46f74129 WH fulgoR Dec, 2018
equa 46f74129 wh olo Nov, 2018
equa 46f74129 kone Misanthropy Oct, 2018
EQUA 46f74129 wall hack 0ops Apr, 2018
EQUA 46f74129 wallhack default Apr, 2018
EQUA 46f74129 aim -Slayer_m- Mar, 2018
equa 46f74129 fat gypsy JugoBetrugo Jan, 2018
equa 46f74129 cheat Jedi Dec, 2017
equa 46f74129 for using wh Quality Jan, 2017
qqqqqq 46f74129 no recoil The Punisher Dec, 2016 Dec, 2016
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