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Player name Player GUID Reason By Report Date Closed Closed Date
kekeke 715fa464 wh CakYYY Mar, 2019
LOL 715fa464 aimbot Solzhe Mar, 2019
BROLYYY 715fa464 aimbot Paik Feb, 2019
SKaFFaBoY 715fa464 aimbot gotnohandles Jan, 2019
LALKFLAsmF 715fa464 WH StackOverflow Oct, 2018
lol:D 715fa464 :D verbal ESG'Starzy Sep, 2018
forgot how to play 715fa464 how to play YungVenuz Sep, 2018
forgot how to play 715fa464 wh zG|S4AGE. Sep, 2018
easy 715fa464 wh ESG'Starzy Sep, 2018
sore hand 715fa464 wh N O Y T R A Sep, 2018