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Player name Player GUID Reason By Report Date Closed Closed Date
kekeke 715fa464 wh CakYYY Last Wed, 9:26 pm
LOL 715fa464 aimbot Solzhe Sat, 3 weeks ago
BROLYYY 715fa464 aimbot Paik Feb, 2019
SKaFFaBoY 715fa464 aimbot gotnohandles Jan, 2019
LALKFLAsmF 715fa464 WH StackOverflow Oct, 2018
lol:D 715fa464 :D verbal ESG'Starzy Sep, 2018
forgot how to play 715fa464 how to play YungVenuz Sep, 2018
forgot how to play 715fa464 wh zG|S4AGE. Sep, 2018
easy 715fa464 wh ESG'Starzy Sep, 2018
sore hand 715fa464 wh N O Y T R A Sep, 2018