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Player name Player GUID Reason By Report Date Closed Closed Date
Hairz afac0745 wallhack your mom Last Tue, 2:18 am
Hairz afac0745 wh [KKC] (*,-,*) Sat, 2 weeks ago
Hairz afac0745 not dead [KKC] (*,-,*) Sat, 2 weeks ago
valadez f4659447 ss Hairz Sat, 2 weeks ago
GAZPROM f0cc0264 screenshot Hairz Jun, 2020
qkNorris 386f43db ss Hairz Jun, 2020
zeppelin 135c3f2a SS Hairz Jun, 2020
I_can 4c55fe8d ss Hairz May, 2020
Lovelyyy 126ec15b SS WH Hairz May, 2020
Bean 74b06dd3 ss Hairz May, 2020