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15 / 825,737 players are currently playing on our servers.

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Group Player name IP GUID
Player Blues Turkey 8f14de54 1.7x_C4S
Player 5k1t Russian Federation 4f177ef2 1.7x_C4S
Player perra Mexico eedb57b3 1.7x_C4S
Player stik United Kingdom 6cfcf7be 1.7x_C4S
Player Celox Germany f00747d4 1.7x_C4S
Player Kvarkk Russian Federation 188eff8f 1.7x_C4S
Player BooMBa Poland 2b72f011 1.7x_C4S
Player LoveJoy Russian Federation 96e3044d 1.7x_C4S
Player * Armin * Iran, Islamic Republic of e076dc10 1.7x_C4S
Player glum56 Latvia 78.xx.xx.xx 8542255c 1.7x_C4S