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2,896 players banned. 19,192 tempbans. 105,191 kicks.

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71 results for the keyword ac581ecc.

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Player name Player GUID Reason Ban type Ban date Kicker name
Rudy Belgium x18 63e9197f disrepect Tempban Yesterday, 10:51 pm DICK EM DOWN
Rudy Belgium x18 63e9197f stop Kick Yesterday, 10:50 pm DICK EM DOWN
Fat Bearded Man United Kingdom x18 5cf5b2e3 stfu Kick Yesterday, 10:49 pm DICK EM DOWN
Balls Deep United States x18 2988b504 stfu Kick Yesterday, 10:45 pm DICK EM DOWN
Djuki Croatia x18 5d870dc3 keep quiet u Kick Last Mon, 10:11 pm DICK EM DOWN
sousii Spain x18 9f1c57ee Cheater Ban Last Sat, 8:22 pm DICK EM DOWN [ACP]
SKY Turkey x18 4a96893e k then come back in 2 Tempban Last Sat, 7:12 pm DICK EM DOWN
SKY Turkey x18 4a96893e stfu Kick Last Sat, 7:11 pm DICK EM DOWN
yakk Italy x18 20983333 learn some respect Tempban Last Fri, 8:03 pm DICK EM DOWN
arabrooc Finland x18 afe172fc multihack, demo0039-0041 Ban Wed, 3 weeks ago DICK EM DOWN [ACP]