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13,185 players reported.

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Player name Player GUID Reason By Report Date Closed Closed Date
NNGMAJOR fec9f7c3 wh aim got record weedSol Yesterday, 3:18 pm
Herman Hering 92c5f7f9 wh i got record weedSol Yesterday, 2:30 pm
- bf5e5ccc [ACP] Screenshot request - Yesterday, 12:08 am
Den4ikMp3-2 0728d869 false accusing Tesla.DFuze Last Sun, 11:38 pm
Tesla.DFuze 450e58bc wh Den4ikMp3-2 Last Sun, 11:37 pm
- 391f338a [ACP] Screenshot request - Last Sun, 6:41 pm
Elendil 391f338a ss r7 tag machine Last Sun, 6:08 pm
hhhh 0e9ab76b aimbot Eagle Eye Last Sun, 9:54 am
Martin76 a62cd029 Hacks Adam Last Sun, 9:15 am
wkds 6555bdcf aim CroatianTiger9 Last Sun, 3:15 am