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Server Name Date Player Name Message
C4S TDM HighXP #1
4:00 am zeppelin omg
3:59 am Map Loaded: Pipeline
C4S TDM HC HighXP #1
3:57 am Map Loaded: Crash
C4S TDM MineCraft / NukeTown PromodLiVE
3:56 am Map Loaded: mp_c4s_minecraft
C4S TDM HighXP #1
3:56 am Map Loaded: District
C4S TDM HighXP #1
3:56 am Rhys wut
C4S TDM HighXP #1
3:56 am Kapper gg
C4S TDM HighXP #1
3:55 am Seranox_ gg
C4S TDM HC HighXP #2
3:54 am Map Loaded: Strike
C4S TDM Broadcast/Crossfire/Crash HighXP
3:52 am Map Loaded: Broadcast