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Group Player name IP GUID
Server Assistance Theo Greece d79389b4 x20
Rightless Player ddddas Italy c1b0df37 1.8
Rightless Player LOLiTOFDEZ Argentina 5511012f 1.8
Rightless Player Ginger Hunter Unknown 7d364990 x20
Rightless Player Zagor 25 Croatia 8bd62792 1.8
Rightless Player Omco Germany 1381561a 1.8
Rightless Player ///////////////////////// France 92.150.xx.xx c000db6a x20
Rightless Player MrTardoss France 9d0f260f x20
Rightless Player andrija.haldek Croatia 8433e1f8 1.8
Rightless Player Gast2 France 80.215.xx.xx ae20b6de 1.7x_C4S