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Group Player name IP GUID
Rightless Player Marv Vyck Italy feb8b422 x19
Management FNX <3 United Kingdom 8500ce92 x19
Head Moderator equa Netherlands d8e1f0f0 x19
Head Moderator alex <3 Greece 1431836b x19
Trusted Maaikeeee Netherlands f7dc32c5 x19
Head Moderator Bummins Devour Canada ac581ecc x19
Rightless Player rS'Fatte Unknown 2c70a51d 1.8
Rightless Player MARX Croatia 41b05805 1.7x_C4S
Rightless Player Ee France 542a68a6 1.7x_C4S
Rightless Player ViciousRanger Czech Republic 31.192.xx.xx b07b53bf 1.7x_C4S