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Overview =HC=PanTerA.PL


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  • GUID208e6b96208e6b96
  • Current IP Not a VPN/Proxy
  • CountryPoland Poland
  • Key 1.7x_C4S Original
  • Status Offline
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  • Banned for Skins 0 times
  • Banned for Elevators 0 times


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The profile of =HC=PanTerA.PL is related to 2 other profiles.

  • Poland PanTerAPOLSKA
    8:11 pm
    Player information
    • IP:
    • Country: Poland
    • GUID: d5895af1 x18
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  • Poland PanTerA1980
    Jul, 2020
    Player information
    • IP:
    • Country: Poland
    • GUID: 2d02ee75 x18
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Aliases =HC=PanTerA.PL

=HC=PanTerA.PL used 8 different names.


Server footprint =HC=PanTerA.PL


5 penalties against =HC=PanTerA.PL.

  • 1
Player name Reason Ban type Ban date Kicker name
=HC=PanTerA.PL Poland 1.7x_C4S Invalid Reason! Kick Jan, 2019 DJcoto1097
PanTerA____PL Poland 1.7x_C4S 999ping Kick Sep, 2018 DEADMAN
PanTerA____PL Poland 1.7x_C4S 999ping Kick Aug, 2018 DEADMAN
PanTerA1980PL Poland 1.7x_C4S This kind of Camp is not allowed. Kick Apr, 2018 alex
PanTerA1980PL Poland 1.7x_C4S Away from keyboard and server was full! Kick Oct, 2017 Julien
  • 1


=HC=PanTerA.PL played with 1 different IP.

  • 1
Player name IP Login date Server
PanTerA1980 Poland Apr, 2019 C4S TDM HC HighXP #1 | Cracked |
  • 1

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