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Player name Player GUID Reason By Report Date Closed Closed Date
Valttu 8d610cb5 stop spamming the discord with reports Jibril Yesterday, 10:31 pm
Valttu 8d610cb5 FOR ABUSING COMMANDS Providence Yesterday, 10:31 pm
R700 MONSTER 5808bcb9 monster spawnglitcher Valttu Yesterday, 10:30 pm
Flicks 84a3e845 test ghilly? Yesterday, 6:36 pm
bosak1994 e0682c07 Wallhack Sr. Lucifer Last Mon, 8:39 pm
Dabbie Duck 6044eecc Duck Wallhack Sr. Lucifer Last Mon, 8:23 pm
king515 bc4e8430 using macro Aero_Puma Last Mon, 8:08 pm
-TARGET-7 69d521c2 verbal confidence Camper Tommy Last Mon, 6:22 pm
-TARGET-7 69d521c2 toxic player Camper Tommy Last Mon, 6:17 pm
Bezak 8e8c5fb8 aimbot Was? Last Mon, 11:30 am