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Player name Player GUID Reason By Report Date Closed Closed Date
kawaman f70684f1 cheating Sf. Fecioara Oct, 2019
rama 7c3ed7af wh kawaman Sep, 2019
sas 7c3ed7af wh kawaman Apr, 2019
cod4fragmovye 717e9042 mh kawaman Apr, 2019
Jacko 7344cf7f aim kawaman Apr, 2019
Mario 4c58c975 mh kawaman Apr, 2019
codfragmvoeas12 e8d3955d wh kawaman Apr, 2019
GaRdIo 7c3ed7af wh kawaman Apr, 2019
kawaman f70684f1 cheater Pat Solitano Mar, 2019
kawaman f70684f1 multihack Muhammad Mar, 2019