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3,223 players banned. 19,575 tempbans. 113,315 kicks.

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Player name Player GUID Reason Ban type Ban date Kicker name
kifjeff France x19 766de7da Stop spamming the chat! (Score: 50) Kick 7:14 pm Server
a-bazin France x19 c16d12e2 RWB(d440) Kick 6:45 pm Server
Airwcare Germany x19 bbe39f07 Turn off player skins before rejoining! Delayed Tempban 6:19 pm Shayan [ACP]
antifa Greece x19 ea9ad5ea You are no longer allowed to use the ... Tempban 6:15 pm Server
GhostRider Unknown --- N/A Your GUID is invalid. Kick 5:59 pm Server
Kushan Sri Lanka x19 551e9af7 Cheater Ban 5:54 pm Shayan [ACP]
ZXZ:141 Romania x19 1547797f Cheater Ban 5:53 pm Shayan [ACP]
phn67 Unknown x19 627b3fab RWB(Turn off Proxy) Kick 1:21 pm Server
owlboyy Unknown x19 319cb427 RWB(Turn off Proxy) Kick 12:10 pm Server
owlboyy Unknown x19 319cb427 Turn off Proxy Proxy ban 12:10 pm Server