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Player name Player GUID Reason By Report Date Closed Closed Date
hunter2hunter e2a4cf56 ss epicpenisman98 10:32 pm
undutch 74f3cf3b cheating remove my chatban 9:40 pm
- 1c1be556 [ACP] Screenshot request - 9:04 pm
Hendrickxsz 1c1be556 is so weird and scary xx i wanna do calls with xen people 8:59 pm
xen gavin d109e833 can you time1 this? we are getting s ... weak ride 8:57 pm
Rhoyder d30df15a admin camping not moving remove my chatban 8:16 pm
- b79daf25 [ACP] Screenshot request - 8:04 pm
Mephisto b0b85988 ss Theo 7:43 pm
- b79daf25 [ACP] Screenshot request - 7:36 pm
antifa ea9ad5ea afk toiletwater 7:28 pm