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14,330 players reported.

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Player name Player GUID Reason By Report Date Closed Closed Date
xKing 2609f03e walls / no recoil tootifrooti 4:59 pm
xKing 4175c5e3 ss Vca 2:11 pm
BASEL ade667a0 aim ModERR Yesterday, 2:50 pm
BASEL ade667a0 wh VICIOUS Yesterday, 2:40 pm
nagisa 2f961c3d BROTHER TOO GOOD NO HACKS JUST TOO GOOD ceveq666 Yesterday, 9:09 am
lorana aee753dd aimbot bz Yesterday, 2:25 am
POKAKAYSHODI 8733cdde ss KillGrave Last Sun, 5:52 pm
fLexoYoYo 9f509478 wh aim Comandos Last Sat, 11:24 pm
fLexoYoYo 9f509478 aim wh Comandos Last Sat, 11:20 pm
- 6add7d80 [ACP] Screenshot request - Last Sat, 10:18 pm