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8,181 players reported.

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Player name Player GUID Reason By Report Date Closed Closed Date
L2 1c5d8b34 ss [A4] marv luckzy 6:48 pm
Codiz 72bdc05c ss Shayan 5:18 pm
savior 0f63bc64 ss [A4] marv jbrl 10:51 am
mojo 6d1b664d ss [A4] marv jbrl 10:49 am
wendlig 6f935c4f ss Shayan Yesterday, 11:30 pm
OVERCUM!!! bd6de6fe ss Shayan Yesterday, 11:02 pm
desTo 84935629 ss Shayan Yesterday, 10:26 pm
DroiDani e8440c3c ss Theo Yesterday, 8:55 pm
faust 36129516 permanently instulting |GB| Kater Yesterday, 4:39 pm
L U C 1 D 3 ! 42384f3c ss Theo Yesterday, 3:45 pm