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April 2021
80% (72€ / 90€)

About us

At C4S we run as a non-profit organisation, providing our service entirely for free, any money we make through running our servers goes straight towards paying for the hosting of our servers and our website, but this is not enough to keep our servers running, so we pay the majority of the money through our own pockets.

Hence, it would be very much appreciated if you would donate towards C4S, even small amounts like 5€ make a big difference.

Please put the following information as notice in your donation:
  • Username / Link to your forum profile
  • Link to your profile on our stats page
  • Purpose


Username Amount Recipient Date
Violette 12 € Thu, 2 weeks ago
s0x 11 € Thu, 3 weeks ago
Mtouri 18 € Thu, 3 weeks ago
Nicey 10 € Thu, 3 weeks ago
Roostar 21 € Thu, 3 weeks ago
celeste 11 € Mar, 2021
Madjack 10 € Mar, 2021