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Use the C4S Desktop App to stay logged in, and launch directly into the C4S servers:   Download for Windows. v1.0.14


VIP is given to regular donators, contact fonix1337 on our Discord if you have any queries
If you do a friends/family payment on Paypal then this avoids fees!

June 2024
100% (50€ / 50€)

About us

At C4S we run as a non-profit organisation, providing our service entirely for free, any money we make through running our servers goes straight towards paying for the hosting of our servers and our website.

Hence, it would be very much appreciated if you would donate towards C4S, even small amounts like 5€ make a big difference!

Please put your Discord ID as a note in your donation message:


Username Amount Recipient Date
wsg explicit 11 € Thu, 2 weeks ago
xenidk. 10 € Mon, 2 weeks ago
sntx 10 € Mon, 2 weeks ago
1723 10 € Tue, 3 weeks ago
Lina 9 € Tue, 3 weeks ago
badger1510 5 € May, 2024
Heavn 11 € May, 2024