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1,409 players banned. 20,862 tempbans. 122,312 kicks.

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Player name Player GUID Reason Ban type Ban date Kicker name
arc United Kingdom x19 f3490c34 RWB(cheating d0000) Kick Yesterday, 8:14 pm Server
Nael_Safadi United Kingdom x19 d7a48c65 cheating d0000 Ban Yesterday, 7:55 pm tst [ACP]
PROSNOOP India x19 6177d992 hwid spoofing Ban Yesterday, 7:47 pm tst [ACP]
SpooCK Venezuela x19 590dcfab cheating d0000 Ban Yesterday, 7:45 pm tst [ACP]
remtrexnoface United Kingdom x19 96949f0d RWB(Banned) Kick Yesterday, 7:00 pm Server
Widowmaker United States x19 3d71717d Your message contained a forbidden w ... Kick Yesterday, 6:55 pm Server
Animal Sweden x19 46273f6a Stop spamming the chat! (Score: 50) Kick Yesterday, 6:28 pm Server
palestine Germany x19 b8886499 Your name contains a forbidden name. ... Kick Yesterday, 4:42 pm Server
KillNerdscopers Greece x19 ea9ad5ea You are no longer allowed to use the ... Tempban Yesterday, 3:31 pm Server
LAMÁSLINDA Canada x19 bf484ba5 Your player name contains forbidden ... Kick Yesterday, 3:27 pm Server