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914 HackerVZ bans.

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Screenshot Player name Player GUID Hack Date
5f671a8c0031f8bdca77d3a9dcab31a0 Unknown at C4S. 5f671a8c0031f8bdca77d3a9dcab31a0 Roccat Feb, 2015
f7967bc0ed5b23e7896e5440e99ca745 Unknown at C4S. f7967bc0ed5b23e7896e5440e99ca745 Roccat Feb, 2015
42601b9a93f6462e3ed165477a86cfb8 Unknown at C4S. 42601b9a93f6462e3ed165477a86cfb8 Roccat Jan, 2015
1bff1e6368f3b895d8befca59cc0143a VITALITY|PaRa 1bff1e6368f3b895d8befca59cc0143a Roccat Jan, 2015
5332c19679cb5ef7ebabdd4e4256b147 Unknown at C4S. 5332c19679cb5ef7ebabdd4e4256b147 Roccat Jan, 2015
76f9bab7c9789595402191fa3bf4509b Unknown at C4S. 76f9bab7c9789595402191fa3bf4509b Roccat Jan, 2015
f2f6082db9a51b36f3088322a6e605bb Unknown at C4S. f2f6082db9a51b36f3088322a6e605bb Roccat Jan, 2015
f5a4959cb35f310111f869857e92747b .__. f5a4959cb35f310111f869857e92747b Roccat Jan, 2015
6358baffe42f7a765e025d858f2576c5 Unknown at C4S. 6358baffe42f7a765e025d858f2576c5 Roccat Dec, 2014
73b52fb222be64184c38c5f878c2fdf5 Robo 73b52fb222be64184c38c5f878c2fdf5 Roccat Nov, 2014