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914 HackerVZ bans.

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Screenshot Player name Player GUID Hack Date
f348b654bc4a370d9a13ba985f90a0fe Unknown at C4S. f348b654bc4a370d9a13ba985f90a0fe Roccat Sep, 2013
28a7de2ae462de00c7524c527cbade5d Unknown at C4S. 28a7de2ae462de00c7524c527cbade5d ESP Sep, 2013
b44fc73c2d0f63e4d5db81edd9dad991 shr b44fc73c2d0f63e4d5db81edd9dad991 ESP Sep, 2013
41521115551b740738a25b16ca9dfb36 Unknown at C4S. 41521115551b740738a25b16ca9dfb36 Fullbright Sep, 2013