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Overview (H2) Blobfish52


  • General
  • GroupPlayer
  • GUIDe403cacde403cacd
  • Current IP Not a VPN/Proxy
  • CountryUnited States United States
  • Key x19
  • Status Offline
  • First United States
  • Chatlog View Chatlog
  • Banned for Skins 0 times
  • Banned for Elevators 0 times
  • Skills
  • Kills19,950
  • Deaths29,363
  • K/D0.68
  • Headshots2,236 , Ratio : 11.21 %
  • Onlinetime7,392 mins
  • Logins161
  • Last connectionLast Sun, 10:47 pm
  • First connectionSep, 2022

Aliases (H2) Blobfish52

(H2) Blobfish52 used 31 different names.

(H2) Blobfish52
XI Lungiee
(aL)0 clips
(aL) let me hit
let me hit
Socks and Crocs
karyy potter
KP Effervescent
(kp) Lujo Zelta
KP Lungiee
Sentinel 5
YB Lungiee
Good Cock
(GC) Logs Crusty Socks
(93) Crusty soc
(93) Crus
(93) Crusty socks
(5q) Little Linguine
(Q5 Little Linguine
Little Linguine
X5 Lungiee
(Z2) Lungiee
(WT) Lungiee

Server footprint (H2) Blobfish52


3 penalties against (H2) Blobfish52.

  • 1
Player name Reason Ban type Ban date Kicker name
let me hit United States x19 afk Kick Feb, 2024 Mr Bad Internet [ACP]
KP Lungiee United States x19 afk svr full Kick Oct, 2023 Flymiloo [ACP]
YB Lungiee United States x19 afk Kick Sep, 2023 mundial
  • 1


2 reports against (H2) Blobfish52.

  • 1
Player name Reason By Report Date Closed Closed Date
KP Effervescent ss MASGEH Oct, 2023
(kp) Lujo Zelta Zelta identity theft {JW} Ben Dover Oct, 2023
  • 1


(H2) Blobfish52 played with 1 different IP.

  • 1
Player name IP Login date Server
Lungiee United States Oct, 2022 C4S TDM HighXP |
  • 1

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